Latest Trends in Interior Design

Latest Trends in Interior Design

Another year implies another opportunity to invigorate and restore your space. Interior designing is a wide subject into which few elements are forever and never go out of style while there are some trends that change every year.

To make your interior design journey simple and less confusing we are here to tell you the latest trends and styles in interior designing by showing you pictures from one of the latest residential projects by Dreanest.

Earthy Colors

One of the most popular home design trends is the use of earthy colors. In past years grey color was more dominating in enhancing interior design.  In previous years, gray tones were often all the rage in interior design. Now the grey has come with a combination of beige which is widely being adopted for a subtle interior. This year, grey is still dominant but it’s often combined with softer pastels and earthy tones.

The interior trends 2020 are mainly about colors that appear in nature, such as soft greens and browns. Taupe, for instance, which was dubbed the Color of the Year for last year’s interior design trends, is now becoming a popular choice of color for interior design. Purple is also trending as an accent color; however, this color can be difficult to pull off since it has the tendency to dominate a space.

Unique Statement Wall Décor

Bring in a striking piece of art in the form of wall décor could definitely boost the visual interest of a room. Wall décor has become a very popular part of the interior. Just by decorating a wall you can make the whole space to look more attractive and interesting.  It is a fantastic interior design idea that occupies no extra space, so just in case you have limited space to play with go for wall décor.

Double Height Ceiling

If you are looking for an extraordinary interior and a pinch of drama into your living room then a Double Height Ceiling can create magic. High ceilings give a grand look to the overall interior. Having a dramatic piece of an element on the ceiling like some chandelier, pattern, lights, painting or some other design element gives a complete makeover to your space. It also opens up many opportunities that you can add to enhance your interior. You can go for high ceilings for living area, lobby, libraries, and even bathrooms.

Vintage Theme Interior

Like we say old is gold, this goes well when we talk about trends in interior design. The vintage theme is something that is a constant trend for years. Now also people love vintage themes as it gives a cozy and elegant look to your space.  Whether it’s your bedroom, dining area, bathroom, office, shop, showroom, the vintage theme could create wonders in any space. In this theme, bright, noble and calm colors are primarily adopted. The bedroom design with vintage elements looks simple but elegant. This style combines old and contemporary things together. Vintage for modern interiors is the most loved choice in the present day. It is for those who want to go dramatic but at the same time want to keep the calmness and softness of their space intact too.

Light and Dark themes bathrooms

The combination of light and dark never goes outdated. In the case of bathroom interior this combination is the latest things interior designers are recommending. Dark walls with some pattern or painting with light-colored basin and seat look great. It highlights the essentials area of the bathroom that needs to get noticed and washed often and rest everything acts like a background. Bathrooms are the coziest space when it comes to homes. Dark walls add warmth to your bathroom.

Ceiling Décor

Including your ceiling in the game of interior design is the latest thing. It is actually the center of attraction that someone sees while entering your space. It gives a great feel of royalty and hugeness to your home or office. Hanging lights, three armed ceiling lamps, a statement chandelier is something that enhances your ceiling to a great extent.

Customized Wallpaper

How about designing the walls of your room just the way you want it to be. From having that perfect picture, design or pattern on your wall to having your favorite quote written everything is possible with customized wallpapers. You can design your home according to your interests and personality. And because of which customized wallpapers are becoming a very popular element of today’s interior design. Whether your aim is to enhance your entrance, bedroom or living room, wallpaper is a great option. It could be a game-changer that can instantly give a bold and classy look to your boring walls. Rather than opting for traditional design customized wallpaper let you design your wallpaper as per your interest and choices.

Blend of Light and Bright

One of the key features of modern interior is the use of vibrant colors with dark and colors in combination. Just as you can see in the picture below adding a vibrant yellow sofa with light-colored walls and ceiling is making it all so attractive and enhanced. With just the right use of light elements like rope hanging lights, in this case, you can create wonders into your whole space. Using the right amount of lights reflects white and vibrant colors in a perfect blend

I hope you guys have got much information about latest trends in interior design. Just in case you are thinking of hiring a versatile interior designer for your space then Dreanest is there to make your interior journey much easy yet exciting.

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Written By – Sonam Singh (Digital Marketer at Dreanest)