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So here I am witting a short summary of my previous 10 years of experience in to this field of architecture and interior designing.
Hope this will be beneficial for young architects on this forum.
I feel that dealing with every client is an inspiring experience especially when they come from different backgrounds.

Before starting any project, it is very important that the client understands your roles and responsibilities. For that, we must establish trust with our clients by educating them about the design stages and expenses regarding the project.

There are two types of clients-
One type of clients know exactly what they want and clearly convey it to me by showing me images of what they like & what they do not like. And these clients often have a high taste. To me, this type is the one who makes my work easy and in around 3 meetings the idea gets finalized.

The other type – they do not know exactly what they want. They come with a confused mind with a mix of ideas from the internet, in ads, from their friends and & relatives, and often they don’t even realize how large there building is.
With these clients, the second meeting is usually a long session of questions and answers because this is how they realize what they wanted and also it gives me clarity in understanding the client’s need. This conversation sometimes may take 3-4 hours.

After that in the 3rd meeting, we discuss the first concept drawing which is still partially unclear. After again a long session, the client here usually recalls a few more ideas or requirements that they left out in beginning. Like it could be adding or removing some space or element, or sometimes redesigning the whole concept according to specific directions (Vastu).

And never mind the meeting could also extend and maybe after 4 to 5 sittings the client start to listen to what I say.
And this stage is a check of your dedication and patience to your work.

This is simply an art of taking out the exact concept out of the client’s mind.

I have dealt with clients from different statuses, backgrounds, and occupations.
Some come to me to get a fancy and stunning looking building with all the modern and contemporary design elements into that.

Some come to me to get a building which would be the value of money spent. They usually come with a lot of expectations with the hope of transforming their space into an efficient yet beautiful building.

For my entire clientele satisfying the need is the primary concern and I have always strived and aimed at applying my knowledge to serve the best to each of my clients.

And for me, a happy day is one when I see smiling faces of my clients when they appreciate and enjoy living my designs.

Experience shared by –
Satvinder Singh (Managing Director at Dreanest)

Article Written By-
Sonam Singh (Digital Marketing Manager at Dreanest).

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